Chocolate Cookie Dough Sandwich

Chocolate Cookie Dough Sandwich

If you love raw cookie dough you're gonna love this! A rich chocolate and cookie dough sandwich. 

Cookie dough sandwiched between layers of chocolate– whats not to like?  Better Still - its a fridge "bake" - ie actual baking required


I pack cookie dough (we used classic chocolate chip  but feel free to use whatever flavour you prefer)  

2 cups (that’s about 360g) chocolate chips. Ours included some milk and some dark – about ¼ milk and ¾ dark - but you can use whatever combination you want.  If you don't have chocolate chips, feel free to chop up your favourite Chocolate block if you prefer.


Get your cookie dough out of the freezer and leave to defrost slightly. 

While you’re waiting, melt 1 cup chocolate bits or chips

We find the easiest way is to put it in a heat proof bowl over a pot of boiling water (but make sure the water isn’t touching the bowl) and stir regularly until all melted
Or - If you prefer the microwave method - Microwave chocolate for 30 seconds on HIGH. Remove and stir. Note: Chocolate pieces will retain their shape until you stir them, so don't rely on looks alone. (An excellent life lesson.) Repeat with 10- to 15-second blasts until most of the chocolate is melted. Remove from microwave and keep stirring until the chocolate is even. 

While the chocolate is melting, line a tin with baking paper –We used a loaf thin which made a thick "sandwich" – 'cos that’s how we like it – but you can use a larger tin and make a flatter “bark”.  Whatever works for you!

Once the first half of the Chocolate has melted – pour it into the bottom of the tin and shake the tin to even the layer, just make sure you don’t make the layer too thin 'cos its gotta hold the dough!

Refrigerate for 15 to 30 minutes until the chocolate has set.

Once set - Spread the cookie dough over the chocolate in an even layer.  Just place all the raw cookies in a layer on top of the chocolate and push down with a spoon to make and even (ish) layer.

Refrigerate for another 15 to 30 minutes– or if you’re in a hurry, chuck it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes to let the cookie dough firm back up.

Melt the remainder of the chocolate, and pour over the cookie dough layer. Use a cranked pallet knife to even or (again) just shake the tin to even the chocolate layer

Allow to harden (in the fridge) and cut into pieces. EAT

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