Cookie Oreo Brownie

Cookie Oreo Brownie

Is it just me or is there a Cookie Oreo Brownie thing going on all over the internet right now.  We had to make our version of this - cos we're all about cookies - obvs! - and brownie - we're here for it!
This slice is all the good things combined.  Cooked Cookie dough, layered with oreos then sooo good seriously chocolatey brownie.  Otherwise known as "sl#!*y brownie, its a mouthful of YUM!

You need a small (ideally square) baking tin or dish to make this in  - around 18cm square.  This is plenty I promise cos is beautifully rich - but if your tin is bigger - scale up the ingredients.

Cookie dough base

1 pack raw cookie doughs – we recommend standard chocolate chip but feel free to switch it up - your call. 

Oreo Layer

A pack of oreo cookies 

Brownie Layer

55g Butter

65g Chocolate

1 Large egg

a splash of vanilla

3 tablespoons flour

3 tablespoons cocoa

⅔ cup caster sugar


Preheat oven to 190C and line a 18x18cm tin/baking dish with baking paper

Place the 9 frozen cookie doughs in the base of the tin - evenly spaced and bake in the preheated oven for 17 minutes until golden around the edges.  

Remove from the oven to cool slightly Turn the oven down to 180C

Make the brownie

Melt butter and chocolate in double boiler, then take off heat and allow to cool before adding the egg.

Sift dry ingredients together and fold in chocolate mixture until combined

Place a layer of oreo's on top of the cookie layer and the pour over the brownie mixture - we managed to get all but one of the cookies to fit on this layer. - we had to eat the last one - but we'll do that if its necessary. 

Anyway.... bake the brownie layer for 20-25 minutes until  set on top but still slightly gooey in middle - a good sign its ready is when you start to see cracking on the top.

Let cool in tin so the brownie can set then remove from tin and cut into squares. 

We keep this in the fridge (not that it lasts long at our house) because the brownie becomes more brownie-y (is that a thing?)

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