Just Dough Covid Protocols

Fortunately, as we produce and package food, we are still an essential service. This means we are open in all alert levels. Below, you will find more information on our Covid-19 protocols. Please note, while in alert level 3 & 4 - shipping may take longer than usual. 

How do deliveries work in Alert level 3 & 4?

All deliveries in these alert levels are contactless.

  • All nationwide deliveries use NZ Couriers, for more information on their delivery policies, please click here. 
  • Local deliveries are fulfilled by us directly. If you are expecting a delivery, we will arrive at your door and leave the package on your front doorstep. We will then vacate the premise and send you a text to let you know it has been delivered. 

Are the Farmer's Markets still open?

During alert level 4, farmers markets are not operational. Once these are open, more information will be added to this page. 

Where else can we get your cookies in Alert Level 4?

There are a few grocery stores that stock Just Dough cookie dough. Specific locations are not currently listed, as we don't want to make it too tempting to drive halfway across the country for some delicious dough hahaha. If you do want to check if there is a store in your city, please flick us a message and we can let you know. 

Are pick-up orders available?

No, regardless of alert level - Just Dough does not do pick-ups. 

What are some of the policies you have in place to keep the dough and your kitchen safe?

Many of these things are part of our everyday food safety procedures, however we thought it might be helpful to have more clarity into the things we are doing while whipping up your cookie dough that keep you safe & healthy.

  • Keeping up to date with best-practice information. We are following the advice issued from the Ministry of Primary industries in relation to food safety at alert level 4. We are also following the guidance issued by the Ministry of Health.
  • Social distancing. One of the perks of being a small business is that it's really easy to social distance. This means that there is only one person in the manufacturing kitchen - meaning we have awesome social-distancing. 
  • Regular hygienic practices, such as hand washing and regular cleaning, and sanitising. 
  • Vigilant self-monitoring of personal health. 
  • Contact tracing of upstream and downstream suppliers. 
  • Frequent use of Gloves, Masks, Aprons and other PPE throughout all business processes. 
  • Contactless delivery and pickup of ingredients and other products where possible. 

What classification do we come under to operate as an essential-service?

As a food producer, we fall under the primary industries category as food and beverage processing, packing and production for domestic consumption. As we also stock other essential businesses, we also qualify as support services (supply chains) for those businesses. For more information on essential businesses in alert level 4 click here.   


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